My Story


Howdy. My name's Brandon. I grew up in Dinwiddie County, Virginia. I spent most of my time playing baseball. You       probably recognize me as the 1st Team All-District Catcher that you should never try to steal on. #ThouShaltNotSteal

At age 18, I started my on-air, radio career at Z104 in Virginia Beach. I eventually worked at Q94 in Richmond, and Z104 in Washington DC, before accepting my first full-time, on-air gig at 1037 The Q in Birmingham, Alabama.

I spent seven years on-air, at The Q, while also being syndicated to other radio stations in Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, Kentucky, and probably a couple others I'm forgetting in my old age.


Can your current lawn care guy say he's been on the phone one-on-one with J-Lo and lectured her about the importance of punctuality, after she called him late?! Or that Beyoncé SWORE she had met him before? Ha. While contemplating writing my own book, I tried to inspire Ludacris to write one ... and he promised that I could write the Forward. Thinking I was gonna be the next Eminem, I used to spit my own raps LIVE on-air. And yes, they were fire. I invited Yelawolf on the show, when he was just a pup trying to get out of small-town Gadsden. We both lit-up the mic that night ... and he eventually signed a record deal with Shady Records aka Eminem's label. Charles Barkley was super-funny, called me by name all night, and refused to let us pay for anything, while we were on a double-date. Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Ja Rule, Rhianna, Ciara, Jessica Simpson, and many more ... have all given me personal shout-outs. Did you see me when I was on MTV? I have countless stories I can share with you over a glass of sweet tea. =)

After radio, I wrote three books that nobody read, because modern humans are too distracted by Social Media and Netflix to read books anymore. However, if you're one of the rare humans who still like to read, you can order my books in Paperback or Kindle form via Amazon. Matthew 7:7. Please be mindful that these books were published between 2010 and 2012, so some of my perspectives have evolved since then. 

I spend my free time RV camping at the lake, alongside my pups, Truth and Trinity, and my wonderful campground friends. I'm also proud to say I've cultivated and maintained life-long friendships with folks I grew up with, and still go visit my Alabama friends every couple of months.

In the future, I plan to retire, and travel the USA in my camper. Who knows ... it might even inspire me to write another book that nobody reads. ;]